Monitoring consists of a constant and uniform observation of project progress

Through the questionnaire called Cassandra – conceived and managed by fio.PSD Observatory – the main informations regarding the project are collected every six months: number of beneficiaries and apartments, socio-personal and socio-economic characteristics of the people welcomed, Housing First impacts on people’s lives, team composition and main areas of intervention on which the project works to promote recovery and well-being

Cassandra tool tries to investigate the change that occurs in the beneficiaries before and after entering home, especially with regard to the recognition of residences, socio-working placement, economic and family conditions

Another tool used in the monitoring plan is Wave of change; this evaluation tool was created as part of the Housing First Italia experimentation carried out by fio.PSD in order to analyze the elements of innovation introduced by the Housing First model and their impact on users, services and contexts to which it is applied . The tool aims to investigate the change that occurs in ten areas of the life of the person benefiting from the Housing First intervention (self-care; home care; daily management and use of time; health; addictions; relationships; conflict management and legality; money management; work; education) and consequently provides a reference to the operator on his intervention on the same

Finally, the self-assessment form called Rossella 3.0 is aimed at verifying the consistency of the programs of Network Housing First Italy with the basic principles of Housing First (Pathway to Housing). The tool aims to highlight the specificities of Italian programs, measure these with a view to a gradual improvement of internal quality, give indications on which issues need to be developed with corrections and changes, build “evidence based” evaluation indicators. The self-assessment form consists of 70 questions, each with four answer options that allow you to graduate the dichotomous choice between Yes and No. The questions (or micro criteria) are grouped into 7 areas or dimensions: A) Type of accommodation; B) Choice and constraints of accommodation; C) Target; D) Separation of accommodation and treatment; E) The services of the program; F) Organizational structure of the program; G) Planning and evaluation

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