fio.PSD – (Italian Federation of Bodies for the Homeless), is a democratic, nonprofit association that pursues purposes of social solidarity in the area of severe adult marginalization and homelessness

The federation was formed in the mid 1980s, basing on the spontaneous and informal aggregation of social workers involved in the fight against homelessness and it was formally established as a Federation in 1990.
fio.PSD is made-up of Agencies and/or Organisms belonging to both Public and Private sectors taking care of severe adult marginalization and homelessness. It counts more than 130 associates, located in 16 of the Italian Regions


fio.PSD’s goals:

  • to promote the coordination of the public, private and voluntary organizations working against severe adult marginalization and homelessness in Italy;
  • to raise the attention of all social partners over homelessness,
  • to activate opportunities of study, mutual exchange and social research, pursuing the objective of a better understanding of the phenomenon and the elaboration of methodologies and strategies to fight against social exclusion.
  • to promote the spread of best practices and the methodological knowledge of intervention,
    through the organization of workshops, conventions, training courses and the editing of a specific and specialized publication in the field of severe adult marginalization

fio.PSD and Housing First

fio.PSD believed in Housing First principles since 2011 finding in it a further tool to achieve one of the core principles of its Value Chart (point 7)  “each homeless people, if adequately supported, is able to evolve from his condition and to express his own life project, meaningful and alternative to marginality”

In 2014 fio.PSD started a national wide Housing First dissemination process called “National Programme for the implementation of the Housing First all over Italy” and in what it was called the Housing First Italia Network