One year and a half has passed since the opening of the first Housing First apartment in Rome and there are many news to tell.

The number of houses has grown considerably, at the moment there are eleven, in different areas of the city. Mostly it is cohousing, where two or three people live together, but there are also couples and families with children.

To date, 27 people in Rome have received the support of Housing First.

Three of them have already successfully completed their journey: the Project has given them the opportunity to find an income and full stability, so much so that today they live in their own home in full autonomy. Of course, they always remain in contact with the community.

Each is pursuing its own path. Someone has just entered and is getting acquainted with a new life, finally more comfortable. Others began to dabble in cooking, a passion that could not be cultivated on the street. There are those who have been able to face health problems that without housing stability they could not have managed. Many go them carry on a training or work path.

The house was a crucial step in giving everyone the opportunity to improve their condition, from every point of view.

Friendship also grows. The past summer was an opportunity to share some beautiful days of vacation with the friends of Sant’Egidio. Some by the sea, some in the city of art, each according to their tastes. Some are actively volunteering to give others what they have previously received.

The story of Carmine and Carlotta it is very beautiful; they had started a romantic relationship when they were guests in a dormitory. Friendship with the Community of Sant’Egidio helped them planning a new life and Housing First gave them the opportunity to fulfill two dreams, a home and living together. The inauguration of the apartment was particularly festive and Carlotta said: “My life starts again from here”.

In the coming months we are planning the opening of new apartments … stay tuned.


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